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Virtual Classroom

Spanish 1 (4th block)

Zoom Meeting ID:

899 2723 3552

Google Classroom link

Spanish 1 (4th block)


  • All work will be divided into three categories with the following percentages: 

  • Daily Grades—80%

  • Coursework—such as Duolingo, small quizzes and assessments, bellringers, FlipGrid assignments, Kahoot, translations, etc. – will be placed under the Daily Grades category, with points as the value of the grade in place of percentages. 

  • Standard 10 pt. grades: classwork, Duolingo assignments, participation grades (students speaking in target language for specific topics)

  • Standard 12-15 pt. grades: quizzes, complex paragraph reading, understanding, and/or interpretation. Longer Duolingo assignments will also be placed here.

  • Standard 25-30 pt. grades: assessments (including tests, small projects, written/listening/speaking assessments)

  • Standard 40-60 pt. grades: Unit assessments (end of unit test/project/speaking or writing task)

  • Final Exam—15%

  • Final exams are task-based assessments to see what you can listen to, read, and respond via oral or written response.  In depth cultural investigations are also expected. No paper, grammar-based tests are performed for final exams.

  • Homework—5%

  • Short take-home translations, steps leading to a major assessment, etc. 



  • Writing utensils- pencils and black or blue pens are fine.

  • 3-ring binder & tab dividers– May be a hardback binder, or the floppy kind.  Please keep in mind the floppy notebooks tend to tear easily. 

  • Loose Leaf paper/Notebook-  The notebook will be a very important component of this class. It will be used for in class work and homework activities. It is imperative all students keep one.

  • Consistent access to technology/internet: Atlanta Public Schools is moving towards a digital environment.  As such, students will be expected to have consistent technology and internet access.  More information regarding types of assignments and assessments via technology will be provided.  

  • *Students will be held accountable for their notebooks.  If a student has lost his/her notebook, the expectation is students will take immediate measures to obtain a new notebook and fill it in with the course notes.*


  • Google Classroom: Internet-based classroom communication continuum.  This will the main means of teacher-student communication outside of the classroom.  Using the internet, students may access Google Classroom either on a smartphone or traditional computer in order to turn in assignments, ask questions, access additional study materials, etc.

  • Duolingo: The Duolingo app is a cornerstone for this class.  Not only is the FDHS Spanish curriculum centered on Duolingo, but critical learning is obtained via the app.  

  • Word Reference: For word-to-word translations, visit  This site is run by people proficient in both English and Spanish, and is an excellent alternative to search engines such as “Google Translator”.  WARNING: GOOGLE TRANSLATOR IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.


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